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“Say hello to startling, notable, talent: dancer, stilt artist and clown, Richard Antrobus” (Adrienne Sichel)

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: See what OddBody's doing to develop performance skills and take street performance to new heights: The Phezulu ProjectOddbody Theatre Collaborative; Music Video

PRODUCTIONS: Fully Committed; Stilted;  Hats; 3 Acts of Love; Beezelbub; Far from Norm; Tshini Kwedini

BOOKINGS: Click here to inquire about Productions, Workshops, Conferences, Parties and Other Events.

PICTURE GALLERY: Take a look at a few pics of Oddbody Theatre in action.

Videos: Check out some of OdddBody's rehearsal and performance clips and other bits and bobs.

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COLLABORATORS: Boschwacked ProductionsFirst Physical Theatre Company; SlungLow; Proyecto34S

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OddBody Theatre 

Green Point, Cape Town 8005


 Tel: +27 (0)83 239 7075

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