3 Acts of Love

Premiered at the National Arts Festival 2011

From the creative team of the top festival hits, "Stilted" and “Hats”, "3 Acts of Love" is fun, sinister and tragic. Using mime, satire, clowning and physical theatre, this comic duo explores the mysteries and dynamics of love with its absurdities and sur/realities that make us ridiculous and keeps us human.


Director: Bauke Snyman

Featuring: Richard Antrobus & Kei-Ella Loewe 

What the Critics had to say:

"Innovative physical comedy, sometimes dark, but always playful. An exploration of love and loss, the thrill of new love and the banality of love grown old. An energetic cast complemented by atmospheric music and sound. A crowd pleaser for all ages"  (Cue, LG, 2011)



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