Created and devised by Fidget Feet Directed and choreographed by Chantal McCormick Music and script written by Jym Daly "This is a wonderful performance and it is sure to capture the imagination of children and anyone who is still young at heart." Helen Moore, Arts Development Manager, Blyth Valley Arts & Leisure.

A Fairies Tale is a promenade theatrical performance piece. Open your minds and your hearts and join in on this Fidget Feet adventure and find out who or what is hiding out in some of the best-known children's stories of all time. This isn't a 'once upon a time' story, this is a happening right now story. When children's imaginations are taken up with computer games and techno thingies, fairies have really got to wiggle their tails. Or is it tales?" This is a story about 'Buglite' the only fairy left who hasn't become a character in a computer game. Will Ninja Big Boot succeed in capturing her? This very special production set in the idyllic Makana Botanical Gardens is suitable for families and children of all ages. This show depends on the walk and the audience follows the characters through the garden dancing, running and walking. Wear comfortable clothing and good walking shoes.

A Fairies Tale was commissioned by North Tyneside council, Customs House South Sheilds , Creative Partnership in South Tyneside, Blyth Council , Alnwick Gardens and Red Car Cleveland Uk and managed by Sandra Chapman. It is presented at the National Arts Festival with support from Culture Ireland.

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