Bios of OddBody Theatre Performers, Directors, Affiliates and Collaborators 

Richard Antrobus (Director: OddBody Theatre; OddBody Collaborative; Tshini Kwedini. Creator: Stilted; 3 Acts of Love. Performer: Stilted; Hats; Beezelbub; 3 Acts of Love; Choreographer: Stilted; Hats)

Tristan Jacobs (Co-director: Tshini Kwedini. Performer: Stilted; Hats) 

Andrew Buckland (Director: Stilted)

Pieter Bosch Botha (Director: Hats)

Brink Scholtz (Director: Beezelbub)

Bauke Snyman (Director of 3 Acts of Love)

Proyecto 34S

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