Returning to the National Arts Festival 2012 Main Programme

-  An OddBody Theatre and NAF Makana Circus-Arts Development Initiative - 

Loosely adapted from the Antoine De Saint Exupéry’s “The Little Prince”, “Tshini Kwedini!” takes you on a journey of a local herds boy who, tired of living in his tiny village and wanting to make a difference in the world, sets out on an adventure to far-away places in search of his destiny. His whirlwind quest leads him through strange, exciting and mystical lands of giants, fire, rhythm, infestation and other oddities and curious folk that range from the sublime to the weird to the ridiculous before reaching his final destination and finding his true purpose. With song, dance, clowning, music, stilts, juggling, acrobatics, and other circus tricks, this family event has something in it for everyone.


Created and Directed by Richard Antrobus and Tristan Jacobs, “Tshini Kwedini!” is a local development initiative by the NAF and OddBody Theatre, which draws its performers from various Grahamstown (iRhini) drama, dance and cultural groups. Rather than competing for the stage, the Phezulu Project, Via Kasi, Sakhuluntu, and other local artists/groups team up in a uniquely ‘Makana’ collaborative ensemble to entertain festinos and show off local talent in this tall tale of truth. “It’s Ma Kana Show, Ek Sê!”

29th June, 2nd & 3rd July

at 13h00

Drosty Arch


Director: Richard Antrobus

Assistant Director: Tristan Jacobs


In collaboration with the Phezulu Project, Via Kasi (Township Movers), Bionic Breakers, Sakhuluntu Cultural Group, Masidlale Productions and other guest performers/musicians.


Supported by the National Arts Festival and the Rhodes University Drama Department


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